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Power-Up QRadar with Red Hat Ansible Security Automation Platform

Learn how Ansible enables security teams to automate key QRadar operational tasks for an orchestrated and effective cyber defense.

Excalibur Podcast

The Excalibur Podcast Series showcases the real-life problems and daily challenges facing executive IT leadership. CTOs, CIOs, COOs and CFOs seeking substantive discussions regarding IT ROI; technology adoption; workforce redeployment and retraining; IT Modernization; Cybersecurity; and, Regulatory Compliance. CIOs, CTOs, and IT Directors. Content is provided from interviews with leading vendor executives responsible for the successful use and implementation of their brands.

It's Woman's Work

The objective of this podcast series is to advance Women in the Information Technology field—from the classroom to the boardroom. We have engaging discussions with thought leaders, innovators, technologists, and futurists, to in turn create tangible and sustainable progression of IT in our worldwide community. This content showcases successful initiatives taken on by lawmakers and leaders to make Diversity and Inclusion work to not only to equalize opportunities for the minorities and the disadvantaged, but also to be a positive force for companies and communities. This dissemination of Best Practices can assist leaders in all positions to learn what they can do to create harmony, increase collaboration, and impact profitability and efficiency.




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