MetrixData 360


As organizations struggle to contain costs and optimize their I/T operations, Software Account Management is emerging as a both a cause and remedy for outdated and bloated software spend.

Our team consists of veterans of the software industry. We’ve been on all sides of negotiations – as a software vendor and as a customer. When handling costly licensing and software audits, bring the resources to your table who have been on the vendor side.

Our Software Auditing Team is uniquely comprised of former software executives from major vendors (Microsoft, IBM, Oracle) who have spent their entire careers focused on developing and writing software licensing agreements. We have negotiated over $1.5B in software contracts; transitioning boiler plate software agreements into actionable working documents for our clients.

We believe that your software licensing spend is an earnest investment in your organization and your people. We understand that you want and need the software to get work done and generate revenue. Our Auditing Practices ignite customer empowerment; the tools we use build compelling, fact-based business cases for decreasing and efficiently managing your software spend. Whether your team has received a software audit notice from a vendor, or if you’re facing unexpected cost increases from cloud initiatives or mergers, we can help reign in the costs and navigate the complex labyrinth of software agreements and verified usage.

When we engage, we get the word out that you demand a customer-centric relationship between your software vendors and your organization that fosters innovation, productivity, and efficiency.




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